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Healing Sessions

These incredibly powerful healing sessions can be focused to work through whatever issue is holding you back from living your true potential.

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Certified Organic Superfoods


Certified Organic Superfoods to ensure your body has the best chance to live a long full life.

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Healing Anxiety Naturally

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Yoga, Emotional Freedom Technique and Reiki

Anita specializes in helping women who are ready to take charge of their lives find healing either through yoga, Emotional Freedom Technique and Reiki, or a combination of these modalities depending on what you need and desire. Perhaps you have some anxiety and want to find relief? Perhaps you have been inactive for years and are ready to start moving again? Perhaps you find your body has increased pain and you’d rather find a solution instead of heading in for an operation? Wherever you are, whatever your needs are, we work together to create healing at your pace. As the healing process begins to unfold, opportunities arise to let go on a physical level. In addition, sometimes emotional work comes up and enables a deeper love for your own body as well as a chance to get to know yourself better.

Anita works with a variety of yogic styles including Yoga Therapy. Not all Yoga is about bending and shaping ourselves into pretzel forms. Yoga Therapy sessions work off the premise that pure movements can help reduce compensation in your body to help lessen the pain. When you chose to book private sessions we discuss your needs and goals and make a plan on how I can help you get to where you want to be. Some days will be filled with lots of movement and a variety of experiences, other days will be all about tapping on whatever has come up and triggered you, and yet still other days might be filled with stillness in restorative yoga poses to help you surrender and allow the central nervous system to repair itself. Sessions are highly flexible.

In addition to teaching adults, Anita has been passionately sharing yoga with children for the past 9 years. Yoga has so many benefits – combining breath with play and yogic movement helps children stay healthy and happy. When these amazing tools are learned early on, children tend to live a more active healthy lifestyle into adulthood.

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SuperFoods are rich in certain nutrients and antioxidants that are very beneficial and necessary to our physical and mental well-being. In every age group and condition, superfood can prevent many diseases that could carry lifelong consequences.

In North America, we often don’t find enough time to prepare the nutritious meals we know our families need and deserve. In a time crunch, we are grateful for the availability of fast food, junk food and food in cans and boxes which results in the loss of nutrition – especially nutrient rich super foods and the important benefits of the vitamins and minerals they provide. Over time, repeated processed meals and dismissal of the importance of nature’s nutrition will lead to a serious weakening of our immune system.

Superfoods will counteract the action of poor food sources and carry out restorative functions. In this way these protect us from the constant onslaught of viruses, bacteria and fungi to which our bodies are subjected daily.

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I started practicing yoga in Thunder Bay, ON; when I was diagnosed with Bells Palsy. After six years of practicing, with multiple teachers, at multiple places; no one compares to Anita’s energy, dedication, genuine interest, and care, that they take with every class and participant. Even when I go to a class and I feel well, I am always feeling 11 out of 10 by the time we are back in shavasana. Anita is a great example of someone that truly loves what they do and it shows in every class and every moment. Anita is more than a yoga instructor and her classes are more than yoga classes; they are an experience. She takse the time to research what will benefit the class most and they care for the whole person, not simply the mind, body or spirit on their own. I have never experienced someone so open to questions and feedback; who really listens and uses this to target their work and research. And the essential oils during shavasana are an invigorating experience.  She always knows exactly what I need, even before I do. If you have not had the experience yet, you should try you best to make it out.


I first contacted Anita after my son’s physiotherapist recommended yoga as part of his rehabilitation program. In September he was diagnosed with a mild but rare variation of cerebral palsy.

After our first conversation, I knew immediately that I had made the right choice in finding an instructor to help my son achieve the goals that are set before him. Anita was very thorough and she instantly knew what kind of program would be ideal for him and as a mother herself, she showed the compassion I was seeking.

We have been seeing Anita for private lessons on a weekly basis for the last eight months. We are both very excited about the strength my son has gained in that time. We have both witnessed his balance, flexibility and sturdiness develop where it was non-existant before we started yoga.  I attribute this positive progress, firstly, to Anita’s patience towards a one-of-a-kind spirited 5 year old boy in a wide open yoga studio, her knowledge of the body and mind and what it needs to become in sync, and her complete conviction in the practice that she teaches and lives by. These qualities that she so naturally and confidently displays will most definitely keep her at the top of our rehab team.

I am so grateful that we have such a wonderful person in our lives who genuinely wants to help my son become the best he can be!  Our gratitude towards Anita is simply endless!


I can easily say that after but one class, Anita became my all-time favourite yoga teacher, and that’s spanning thirty years of yoga.  Her private classes/routines were well-researched, tailored and most importantly…do-able.  The fact that she incorporates MiEssence products into her life and business is testament to her examined, wellness lifestyle – these products are the bomb. Anita is as sincere and authentic as they get, and has a “big, beautiful heart.”


My work with Anita was truly life changing! Prior to working with Anita, I had incredible difficulty balancing my heart space and my business which is geared towards alternative healing and the spiritual well-being of others. Until, my work with Anita, finding balance between Spirit & Business was always a catch 22 for me. While, I could recognize that the services I was providing had tremendous value to my clients and students, I personally continued to hold quite negative and unbalanced views towards money, especially since I personally gain great satisfaction and value in seeing clients or students improve their lives and health. With that said, these unhealthy views of money and exchange (ie; money seeds the evil in the world etc) lead me down a road that continuously saw me getting taken advantage of by others and barely scratching at the abundance that was waiting for me.  Anita guided me in re-structuring and re-launching my Business balanced with my Heart Space. And on a personal level, she helped me finally heal my blockages with money, abundance and self-worth. I really cannot fit into words the impact this has had on a personal or business level for me, but my life has taken a 180 since, my business has grown, I’m attracting new clients, and I’m finally beginning to reap the abundance I have worked hard for while honouring my self-worth and spiritual views.

Anita’s coaching style and vast expertise, enables her to provide a wide array of modalities to her clients, which really braided perfectly for me in our sessions together.  My time with her was truly remarkable and life-changing. Anita is a fantastic Teacher, Reiki Practitioner, Guide, Mentor & Coach, I highly highly recommend her to anyone looking to find balance in any realm of their life, whether it be physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually. Anita’s insight and guidance is truly priceless!

Amber Colbear

The Art of Healing

I first met Anita in January 2013.  She was having a fundraiser at Synchro-Nicities on Ottawa Street and my friend and I signed up just to find out something about yoga.  I was 56 at the time, very overweight and even more out of shape.  Thinking this would be a gentle way to get some exercise, I signed up for six weeks of introductory lessons.  Little did I know how life altering that class would be.  The first three or four months were brutal.  I grunted and strained and felt like I would never improve.  Slowly, things started to change and one class I did a downward facing dog without any struggle.  From that point on, I was seriously hooked and strived to improve each week.

Fast forward to February 2016 – I am now taking a more advanced class, still striving to improve.  Anita has been pleased by how far I have travelled in my yoga practice and continues to give lots of positive feedback and encouragement along my journey.  She has provided the guidance for both physical and emotional growth through her various types of classes.  In addition to the weekly classes, I have also attended several of her Yoga for Anxiety workshops.  These offer a unique insight into natural, healthy ways to deal with the variety of stresses arising from today’s lifestyle.

I feel healthier, happier, more grounded and content with my life than I ever remember.  Anita’s yoga practice has provided me with some life skills that have led to this improvement.  Her gentle and supportive teaching has made me strive to better myself and appreciate the growth and change in my abilities as they happened.  She is a wonderful guide to lead anyone on a journey of self-discovery through the practice of yoga.

Kirsten Ross-Pedersen

Inspired Business Coaching – Feeling the Call

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