3 part breath audio

As I spend time working with private clients I often come back to places in my own practice that I’ve not been to for a while.   It always amazes me how important breathwork is for all of us.  You’d think we’d be well versed in this since it is the sustaining force in our life.  Without breath we cannot live but so many of us have developed patterns that may not be serving us as we progress through our days.

Since we all need the reminders to check in with our breath throughout the day I thought this week I would share a 10 minute breath focus with you.  I challenge you to try this out each day for a week.  Set your alarm 10 minutes earlier and do this practice and see what happens from it.  See if it makes a difference in your day.  Do you feel clearer?  More centered?  More focused?  Do you get less rattled during the day?  See what happens for you and please come back and share your experience.

How does the 3 part breath feel for you?  Keep in mind that no breath work should create tension in the body.  This should flow easily and without anxiety.  It should feel comfortable and help your body develop an additional sense of peace.

Music courtesy of Bensound.com

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