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About Anita Kaiser

Hi!  Thanks for stopping by.  I’m Anita Kaiser and I am a Healer,a Cheerleader, a Registered Yoga Teacher, a Registered Children’s Yoga Teacher and Reiki Level 2.  I have 10+ years of business experience and I am deeply committed to helping you move forward towards your goals.  Whether they be on the yoga mat, on the Reiki table, via business and life coaching, or via some fo the other modalities I employ in my healing practice.  I know that when you are ready we will work together to get you where you wish to be.

My first yoga memory stems from early childhood – and rather than it being a graceful memory of how easily it came to me, it’s a memory of fear and near-concussion. I was always interested in yoga although I really don’t know where the interest came from since I didn’t know anyone doing yoga. I do remember however taking a book out of the library:



I was filled with excitement and began my practice at home in the living room. I recall practicing a wide-legged forward fold near our wood stove.  I guess I forgot to breath during the pose and had a momentary blackout and I toppled head first in the direction of the stove!  I was scared after that incident and paused my practice for a little bit.

After a long history of steady and not so steady practice, I landed at teacher training. It felt like the next natural step in the progression of my own self-discovery. I didn’t know that this would become my life’s work.

These days I teach group classes at De La Sol Yoga Studio in Hamilton and Waterdown. I also work extensively with private clients: adults who are ready to move on to the next step of healing, or children who have mobility issues or anxiety. In the past I have worked with clients recovering from surgery, those who have chronic illnesses, people working through cancer treatments, people suffering from long term anxiety, as well as people who just want to start moving. In each case we have worked to create a program that makes you feel stronger, safer, more grounded and more able to tackle the world no matter what each day brings.


I also have an extensive healing practice that involves various types of energetic and intuitive work.  Sometimes we work with cards, sometimes crystals, sometimes Reiki energy, and sometimes Emotional Freedom Technique or Trauma Release Work.  Often, throughout our time together we work with various modalities since we are all such unique beings with unique triggers that need a diverse set of experiences to shift.

Each session is tailored to your needs you tell me what is pertinent in your life at this time, maybe it’s a business issue, maybe it’s a relationship issue, most often the starting point is our own self esteem and once we move to a more accepting space with that other things begin to fall into place.

If you are intrigued and would like to reach out I’d love to chat and see if my skill set is a match for your needs and expectations.

Tell me what's up in your body or mind! What might I be able to help with?

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