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Gentle Hatha
De La Sol Hamilton

Gentle Hatha
De La Sol Waterdown


Gentle Hatha
De La Sol Hamilton


Gentle Hatha
De La Sol Waterdown


4:45 – 5:45pm
Hot Gentle Hatha
De La Sol Waterdown

De La Sol Waterdown


Gentle Hatha
De La Sol Waterdown
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Benefits of Yoga

1.  Lowers Stress Levels and Cortisol

You may or may not be aware that stress increases the level of cortisol in your body as does running and a variety of other super active exercises  (see study abstract – HERE). We’ve all heard that stress is not healthy for your body.  When you are continually stressed or doing high impact sports your cortisol levels are constantly on the rise.  Increased cortisol levels mean an increase in body fat as well as hormones that are all out of whack.  Yoga helps reduce cortisol levels in the body, which in turn helps reduce body fat and regulate your hormones.

2.  Yoga makes you feel good

How do you feel after a regular workout?  Are you pumped or exhausted?  Yoga makes you feel great.  The lengthening and stretching out of your muscles helps to leave a body feeling good.  Yoga increases oxygen flow to your brain and cells plus it enhances body’s own power of detoxification.  Ready to tackle whatever is next on your list for today rather than wondering when you could squeeze in a nap.  Yoga also helps increase the seratonin level in your body which is the main mood stabilizer we have within us.

3.  Yoga helps you breathe better

Maybe you’ve never really paid attention to your breath figuring it’s clearly working since you are up and moving around.  If you have paid attention, you might have noticed that your breath is often shallow or short.  Yoga helps you focus on your breath, which helps you slow down and breathe deeper.  This again increases the flow of oxygen and helps bring your mind into the present moment where you can focus on the here and now instead of something that happened in the past or something that might happen in the future.  My clients have reported better singing, clarity of mind, an overall better sense of being just from focusing on their breath a few times per day.

4.  Yoga brings you into the Moment

By connecting with your breath and tuning into your body you start to be aware of what is going on inside you.  You start to know when your body is saying yes as well as when it’s saying no.  You notice yellow lights instead of the glaring red lights that happen when we’ve pushed to far.  You learn to love your body and it learns that it’s safe to talk to you.  Wouldn’t we all love a more gentle kind approach to our body awareness?

5.  Yoga brings new blood and oxygen to your Organs

In yoga the main focus after the breath, is to keep the spine and joints mobile and supple.  We do this by utilizing a variety of movements; forward folds, side bends, twists, and back bends – each offering its own benefits but often acting as a compression to the organs which when released allows new blood and oxygen in.  All the stale and stagnant energy gets moved around so the organs feel and act younger longer.

I started practicing yoga in Thunder Bay, ON; when I was diagnosed with Bells Palsy. After six years of practicing, with multiple teachers, at multiple places; no one compares to Anita’s energy, dedication, genuine interest, and care, that they take with every class and participant. Even when I go to a class and I feel well, I am always feeling 11 out of 10 by the time we are back in shavasana. Anita is a great example of someone that truly loves what they do and it shows in every class and every moment. Anita is more than a yoga instructor and her classes are more than yoga classes; they are an experience. She takes the time to research what will benefit the class most and they care for the whole person, not simply the mind, body or spirit on their own. I have never experienced someone so open to questions and feedback; who really listens and uses this to target their work and research. And the essential oils during shavasana are an invigorating experience.  She always knows exactly what I need, even before I do. If you have not had the experience yet, you should try you best to make it out.


I can easily say that after but one class, Anita became my all-time favourite yoga teacher, and that’s spanning thirty years of yoga.  Her private classes/routines were well-researched, tailored and most importantly…do-able.  The fact that she incorporates MiEssence products into her life and business is testament to her examined, wellness lifestyle – these products are the bomb. Anita is as sincere and authentic as they get, and has a “big, beautiful heart.”


I first met Anita in January 2013.  She was having a fundraiser at Synchro-Nicities on Ottawa Street and my friend and I signed up just to find out something about yoga.  I was 56 at the time, very overweight and even more out of shape.  Thinking this would be a gentle way to get some exercise, I signed up for six weeks of introductory lessons.  Little did I know how life altering that class would be.  The first three or four months were brutal.  I grunted and strained and felt like I would never improve.  Slowly, things started to change and one class I did a downward facing dog without any struggle.  From that point on, I was seriously hooked and strived to improve each week.

Fast forward to February 2016 – I am now taking a more advanced class, still striving to improve.  Anita has been pleased by how far I have travelled in my yoga practice and continues to give lots of positive feedback and encouragement along my journey.  She has provided the guidance for both physical and emotional growth through her various types of classes.  In addition to the weekly classes, I have also attended several of her Yoga for Anxiety workshops.  These offer a unique insight into natural, healthy ways to deal with the variety of stresses arising from today’s lifestyle.

I feel healthier, happier, more grounded and content with my life than I ever remember.  Anita’s yoga practice has provided me with some life skills that have led to this improvement.  Her gentle and supportive teaching has made me strive to better myself and appreciate the growth and change in my abilities as they happened.  She is a wonderful guide to lead anyone on a journey of self-discovery through the practice of yoga.

Kirsten Ross-Pedersen