Healing Anxiety Naturally Course Details
Over the course of 8 weeks you will learn to connect your body and mind together.

You will experience a tasters pack of yogic and non yogic methodologies to help you get really clear on what calms your mind and soothes your soul and what doesn’t.

You will start to notice how your breath is flowing each and everyday and by the end of our 8 weeks together you will be aware of your triggers and how they manifest in your body.

Each week we will learn new tools that will help you notice what makes you feel most anxious, how anxiety manifests itself in your body and then what you can do to lessen the grip.

Week 1 – Conversation: Stress Activity: Gentle Hatha

We will spend some time talking about Stress and what your biggest stressors are. When we are ready to move, our focus will be on slow deliberate movements. Giving you plenty of time to connect with your breath and observe what is occurring in your body as you complete each move. Through this class you will begin to notice sensations that you weren’t aware of before. You will learn where you are starting from as well as how anxiety manifests itself in your body. We will focus on specific grounding tools which can be used to help connect you immediately to the present moment.

Week 2 – Conversation: Body Awareness Activity: Kundalini/Restorative Yoga

This week we will begin to connect the mind and body together. We will work through a body inventory and then move onto a more active practice. Kundalini Yoga awakens the energy we each have at the base of our spine which connects us to our higher selves. This practice will challenge you physically and mentally as we actively work to reset the nervous system to create space for a calmer reality. This class involves chanting, and breath work which help open up the energy centers in your body to create clarity and flow. Our class will be ending with restorative yoga which is longer held poses that offer a space of surrender for the body and mind to connect the dots for all we became aware of this evening.

Week 3 – Conversation: Breathing Activity: Yoga Nidra

We will begin this class with the goal of gaining a deeper understanding of your breath. How you normally breath and discovering whether or not that is serving you to your highest good. Once we have an understanding of the breath we will begin to add slow gentle movement using this to find connection and conversation with our bodies. Allowing for a safe space to notice and observe without expectations. From here we will move into what is commonly known as “yogic sleep”. Yoga nidra, lucid sleeping is among the deepest possible states of relaxation while still maintaining full consciousness. This is a guided meditation which helps root you in the present moment while allowing release of all that is no longer serving you.

Week 4 – Conversation: Progressive Relaxation Activity: Kundalini

This week we will gain a deeper understanding of how our muscles and body parts present tension for you. We will learn how to bring a softness back to our body quickly in order to steer clear of the chronic tension that so many of us carry. In our movement section we will be focusing on a work to help heal the adrenals and kidneys. Organs which are constantly taking the brunt of our fight of flight mentality.

Week 5 – Guest Speaker: Amber Colbear from The Art of Healing Talking about Crystals

It is generally understood that to some extant, our environments play a big part in how we are feeling. While we can often easily recognize acute reasons for a shift in our temperaments, we often lack consideration for the subtle energies at work all around us and in us. This class will explore the interactions between the body’s electromagnetic field, with common surroundings, situations, emotional patterns and breathing. A wide variety of common ionic and rare piezoelectric crystals & gemstones with pure tonal sound instruments will be presented. Primarily, focusing on those that aid in releasing anxiety generally, as well as those that ease common types of anxieties. During this class, participants will also have the opportunity to partake in an Art of Healing Crystal Sound Meditation, that they can use anywhere, anytime and in any way!

Week 6 Conversation Meditation Activity – Trauma Release Exercises

There are so many styles and ways to meditate. We will focus our energy on understanding the options. For our movement component we will work with a sequence of poses that help bring your muscles to the point of fatigue which then will create tremors in your torso to let go of some of the stress/anxiety/trauma memory that is stored within our bodies. This process has created huge shifts in the US with veterans and people with PTSD.

Week 7 Guest Speaker Heidi Waddell from Juice Plus talking about Nutrition and Stress

There has been much talk recently in the scientific community about the gut being our second brain. Heidi will be sharing her experiences with the power of nutrition and how a busy mom of three manages to find time to eat right. She will share how she bridges the gap between what her family actually eats and what we all should be eating instead.

Week 8 Conversation: Summary of what we’ve learned Activity – EFT

EFT also known as Emotional Freedom Technique is the perfect tool to help decrease anxiety, release unsatisfying thoughts as well as increase self esteem, and overall positivity in your life. Once you learn this tool you will be able to use it on a daily basis to bring increased happiness to your life.

You will leave this 8 week course feeling lighter,
stronger, and more grounded and focused!