Community Connection Building Hamilton

Community Connection

Recently I’ve become a little bit obsessed with this local group of people who trade their unwanted or unused items.  I’ve always been a big fan of re-using items.  I think is the fact that I am the first generation of my family who hasn’t had any direct contact with war and part of it is my hippy nature of living a more frugal lifestyle.

I’ve been enjoying the trading a ton for a few reasons

1) I’ve started cleaning out things that I no longer want or need

2) In many cases I know that these items are being used and loved by someone else

3) I feel like I am connecting to a larger community

This past weekend I posted an item that was near and dear to my heart.  It was a piece that I had in my bedroom as a young child.  It spoke to me of my German heritage and just in general was a sentimental piece.  I figured I would post it and see what happened.


community connection hamilton

So I posted this piece and had a woman reach out to me.  We worked out our trade and she came to get the piece.  As soon as she arrived at the door I knew that this piece was meant for her.  She shared with me how when her kids were little she has decorated their room with gnomes and mushrooms in a similar fashion to the theme of this little hanger.  We completed our trade and off she went.

Later in the day she messaged me again just sharing how happy she was with this piece and it made my heart feel so full.  I am so grateful that she felt the connection and reached out to me to tell me.  It makes it so much easier to let it go knowing that she will cherish and admire it.

Through this interaction it made my thoughts move to community and our desire to connect as humans.  We all need and want that real soul connection and sometimes it can be really hard to find that.   This is one of the reason I LOVE being a yoga teacher.  Each time someone new walks into my class I am grateful for the opportunity to connect.  I love being a part of the DeLaSol community.  I LOVE when people come up and talk to me after class -whether it be to tell me how things felt in their body, to tell me about an experience or to ask me any kind of question.  I am so grateful for the opportunity to build that community connection.  So if you walk into one of my classes and feel like you want to share a moment after class – I would be humbled and honored to speak with you.