Chakra Healing Workshop Video Transcript 

Hello!  I wanted to take a moment today and talk to you about this new workshop that I will be teaching.  Beside me I have a stack of books that I am using for inspiration and researching ideas to ensure that you get the very best information out there.  This workshop is called Healing through the Chakras and I am super excited to be sharing these teachings with you. This workshop is going to be a really fantastic experience for those of you who join me.  .

The way the workshop will flow is of course various yoga postures (asanas) to ignite and clear the energy within your chakras on a physical level.  As a bonus we will also be using EFT (emotional Freedom Technique), tapping through various acupressure points while using words that help remove any energetic or deep obstacles that might be holding you back within these chakras.  This workshop is going to supercharge your clearing while allowing you to feel lighter, more connected to spirit, to source energy, as well as grounding you down into this physical realm so you can get busy doing your best work (whatever that may be!).

I really hope that you will join me at De La Sol Waterdown on June 18th.  You can reserve your spot by booking here – or you can contact me using the contact form below with any questions you might have.

Chakra Healing Workshop

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