Decision Making – Trusting Your Inner Knowing

Sometimes making a decision can be challenging.  Many of us grew up in an environment that showed us if not explicitly, implicitly that each decision we make has to be the right one.  When we hold ourselves in this space it means that we often have a super hard time hearing our own intuition because we are so busy thinking about what the right decision might be.  When we allow ourselves the opportunity to really slow down and listen to our inner knowing the right decision is easy to make because we feel it inside.

In my life there have been many decisions I’ve had to make that scared me half to death.  Big life decisions – moving cities, buying a business, moving the business, and then of course the million plus one decisions that I make each and every day to keep my life moving in the direction I want it to.  Each one of those decisions came with it’s own challenges and moments of fear and questioning.

Today, I wanted to share with you the ways in which I connect deeply in to my inner knowing and make decisions that I feel confident with.

decision making  trusting

When my life is busy and I am constantly rushing for activity to activity without taking time and space for myself it’s really hard for me to make decisions.  Big ones, little ones they all seem so much harder to make.  When I ensure that I have space and time to slow down and really listen all my decisions get so much easier to make.

So when I have a big decision to make – one that is causing me stress or panic or one that just over all I’m unsure of which direction to go in here’s what I do.

I start by carving out 5 or 10 minutes of quiet time…….

I grab my journal in case there is something I want to document and I sit myself down

I set a timer for whatever time I decided on and commit to focusing for the duration

And then I root my feet to the ground (i like to be barefoot to really connect with whatever is below me – earth, floor, whatever)

I press my feet down and I sit up tall

and I start to breath

I notice how my breath is flowing today and I notice the sensations in my body

and then once I’ve connected in (maybe 5-10 breaths) I start to ponder my question

I start to consider the options and then I check in with my breath and body again

For me it’s always an immediate response

I either get a really strong ICK or NO in my body or I get that feeling of butterflies, tingling, excitement which indicates a YES

and I continue to do this until I have all the answers that I need for that day or around that particular question


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If you have been on the fence trying to decide if the St Lucia Retreat or my Half Day Retreat is right for you – take a moment – utilize the steps above and make your decision.  If it’s right for you – YOU WILL KNOW.  Trust your inner knowing.  The more you begin to use this method the more you will hear your inner knowing.


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