Half Day Yoga Hiking Retreat Grimsby

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Join me for a half day yoga hiking retreat Grimsby,  Ontario.

What:  Half Day Yoga Hiking Retreat Grimsby, Ontario with a lunch social to follow at Station One 

When:  Tuesday July 25th, 9:30am

Investment:  $50 CDN (lunch included)

Level:  Strenuous Hike all Levels Yoga Class

We will be meeting in Grimsby and hiking up the escarpment to enjoy the amazing view of Lake Ontario and if we are blessed with a clear day Toronto.  The hike will be challenging and each of us will need to have our yoga mat or your choice of item to practice on with us as well as water.  Once we are at the top of the escarpment we will arrive at a large opening that has a perfect space for our yoga practice.  We will practice together out in nature for roughly about an hour and a quarter with a slightly longer than usual shavasana to allow you to really enjoy and connect in to our Mother Earth.

Once we have enjoyed our practice and are all ready to return back – we will begin the 2nd half of our hike heading along the escarpment to some incredible views of both the Eastern Side and the Western Side before heading  back down to our lunch destination.

For lunch we will be enjoying a soup salad combo or a soup sandwich combo along with a drink at the lovely Station One Coffee House located on Main Street in Grimsby.  If you have specific food restrictions or requests please let me know when booking your spot.  We can absolutely accommodate all preferences/restrictions.



We will be meeting in the parking lot of the Lions Club Community Pool on Elm Street in Grimsby.

Our hike will be strenuous on the way up and the yoga class will be geared for all levels.

Total investment for this half day retreat is $50 CDN.

1/2 Day Retreat Yoga Hiking and Lunch Social Included

This half day yoga hiking retreat Grimsby will allow you to connect into to your root chakra by grounding to the Earth.  Your energy will be revitalized and your body and mind will have fresh space to work through whatever is coming up in your life right now.  You will have the opportunity to meet some amazing people and share some excellent conversation.  When you leave this retreat you will feel inspired and grounded ready to take action.

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