heart meditation

Over the past few weeks I’ve been doing my best to ensure that I get a blog post out each Sunday.  I’ve realized that this doesn’t work well for my life at the moment – so my new plan is to have a post go up each Monday.  So if you are out there in cyber space and would like to know when my new posts will be up Monday it is going forward.

So this week I thought I would shake it up a little bit and instead of a video or a written piece I wanted to share this short heart meditation with you.  It’s under 10 minutes long and will hopefully offer you a short reprieve from your day to help center and focus you.  My hope as well is that this heart meditation helps bring you into a deeper LOVE space within you.  One where you find it just a little bit easier to be kinder, to love yourself just a little bit more.  We all struggle with self esteem issues, little gremlins that tell us we aren’t good enough – hopefully this heart meditation helps soften the voices for you.



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