Private Yoga Classes

Why an individual private yoga session?

When you book an individual private yoga session the focus is entirely on you!  Your needs, your goals, your ability. Exactly what you need.  Each individual private session is customized.  You have the option of choosing from a variety of yogic and healing modalities, to meet you where you are in your journey. Depending on what you are looking for many of these styles can be combined into one session.  If you are purchasing a package we can alternate each session. If you are unsure of what you might need – I’d love to talk to you and help you decide what would be appropriate.  Yoga is for every body and learning more about how your body works and what it needs to help find a pain free life is my truest desire.

How do I know if this would be right for me?

If you are someone who loves to be sure that they are doing things correctly – an individual private session is for you.

If you have pain in your body and want to learn more about your body and how to move pain free – an individual private session is for you.

If you are nervous about being in a larger classroom – an individual private session is for you.

If you have a schedule that makes it challenging to consistently get to class – an individual private session is for you.

If you want each class to be designed for exactly what you need that day – an individual private session is for you.

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Private Yoga Options

Hatha Yoga:  This is perfect for those just starting out on their yogic journey. We begin getting comfortable with your body and learning how different muscles respond. We use various props to help lengthen the muscles and create a connection between the mind and body. These sessions are perfect for you if you want to increase your flexibility and decrease your stress level.

Vinyasa Yoga:  This style is a perfect starting point for those looking for a more athletic practice. We utilize the traditional sun salutations to align your body and warm up moving into more standing poses to activate strength and length within your body.  We move a little bit faster but continue to focus on the breath.  If you are someone who has a very active lifestyle this practice can be excellent to help burn off enough energy to allow stillness at the end of the hour.

Kundalini Yoga:  This style is one of the more spiritual forms of yoga to be found. It often involves chanting and repetitive movements that open up particular chakras (energy centres in the body) or help with specific health or emotional issues.  If you are someone who is open to the more alternative healing modalities, this practice can be an excellent opportunity to experience a real shift in your mind and body.

Restorative Yoga:  This style is perfect for those days when you still want to do some work but are really ready to let your central nervous system take a break and restore itself. Excellent during your moon cycle, or when you are recovering from burnout, after an operation, or when you feel you need some deep healing.  If you are suffering from PTSD or any kind of stress related illness this is the perfect starting place.  We use a variety of props to ensure that you are able to let go of any holding and really begin your healing process.

Yoga Therapy:  Our body speaks to us in so many ways and over the years we easily learn to ignore the yellow lights until they turn into glaring screeching stop signs. In a private Yoga Therapy session we work together to improve the range of motion so that your body can find a way to move without pain. Small movements create large results.  This is what your want to try if you find most of your day to day movements involve pain.

Adult classes run for 1 hour and can be purchased individually or as a package or 4, 8 or 12 sessions. These modalities can be combined into a package that suits your individual needs.  Pricing varies depending on package, running  from $65-$100 per hour.

Questions? Just want to Get to Know Each Other a Little Bit?

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