Transcript for InLiven Probiotic Video

Today I wanted to talk to you about a Miessence product – the InLiven Probiotic Superfood.  I’ve been working with Miessence for over 10 years and this product, Inliven is one of my favorite products.  It’s the product that we always have in our house to keep us all healthy and happy.  Over the past few years I’ve been doing a ton of research on gut health and what causes problems for us and how we can fix those.  Mainstream medicine is beginning to catch up with the issues we have in the gut and how the health of our gut bacteria can affect our moods, as well as be an influence on many larger diseases that we carry in the body.

In our house, we take this probiotic daily.  I take mine in the evening with a little bit of juice or sometimes just water and the rest of my family usually takes theirs in the morning.  In addition to helping keep us healthy and safe increasing the gut bacteria, increasing the health of the immune system, and an overall general health and wellness, I used this product when I went to Cambodia with Miessence this past fall.  I choose not to get any shots and so while I was there I just took my probiotic every day, 1 teaspoon.  I was confident that doing this would keep me healthy, and it did.  I didn’t come back with any parasites or any issues at all.  Just to be clear though – I didn’t drink out of any mountain streams while I was there.  I took standard precautions but I didn’t get any shots.

A little bit more about the InLiven probiotic:  I wanted to tell you what makes Miessence different from many probiotics on the market is that it is a food made into a powder.  It’s not a capsule and doesn’t need to be refrigerated because it is dry food that only activates when it gets added to a liquid.  It is not formulated in a lab and compressed with various other binders into a pill but is instead freeze dried food.

In terms of taste – it definitely is a green taste and that’s why it is best for most folks to mix it with some organic apple juice.  I have had it with just lemon water or even plain water when that’s all there was while I was in Cambodia because I needed to get it in and that’s what there was.

As you continue to use the product your taste buds begin to adjust and the taste actually becomes quite good.  If you are currently taking a probiotic right now I challenge you to try Miessence InLiven and see what a difference certified organic can make for you.

If you’d like to read more infromation about InLiven Probiotic check out this fact sheet here.