Introduction to Reiki – Video Below

Introduction to Reiki – Video Transcript

Hi there – My name is Anita Kaiser from Anita Kaiser Yoga and Wellness.  I wanted to take an opportunity today to just talk to you briefly about Reiki Healing and what that is.  It’s one of the modalities that I really love and often use in my private practice and I also use it at home for myself and my family.  It’s an ancient energy healing technique that comes from Japan and has been used by thousands of people over the years.

Reiki can be done in all different kinds of places.  You can be lying on a massage table.  You can be lying on your bed.  You can be sitting in a chair, any place where you are comfortable and able to relax.

When Reiki is being done, sometimes people take their hands and put them directly on you.  Generally when I practice, I just keep my hands about 2-3 inches above your body, just so that I am within the energy field of your body but not actually hands on.

One of the things I really love about Reiki, is that it can be used for healing both physical ailments as well as emotional or spiritual issues.

When I was taught Reiki, I was told it can be used for all kinds of physical issues.  In certain instances, such as when you break a bone or perhaps sever a finger, we are told not to let the full power of the Reiki to come forth because it can heal too quickly.  You need to be going to a hospital and have the bone reset or the finger sewn on.  If you use Reiki prior to being at the hospital there have been instances where the bone has started to heal or the injury has started to heal itself.  In these instances, the bone can’t be set properly or the skin on the finger has healed too much already to allow it to be sewn back on for full function.   The body has already gone too far for what our modern medicine needs in order to address the issue properly.

Those are some of the ways that physical healing can occur with Reiki.  Of course the issues do not need to be such a severe such as these examples.  Reiki can help with backaches, shoulder aches, or just a general malaise in your body.  It helps to rebalance the energy which leaves you feeling rejuvenated, and relaxed and just overall in a better place.

One of the other things that I really love about Reiki, is that the healing doesn’t have to be sent to this particular moment in time.  If you have an emotional issue, perhaps something that happened to you as a child, that caused you trauma, or even just something that feels unsettled or uncomfortable in your body.  Perhaps it’s something that continues to affect the way your react in the world.  Reiki can be sent back in time to heal that particular instance in a way that is for the greatest good of all as well as making the emotions around that incident to be less of a charge for you.  So perhaps they would lessen how you feel in your day to day life and you will be able to live a better, happier life.

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