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Yoga classes are a great alternative to outdoor time for cold winter days. In addition to scheduled classes, I provide group or individual private classes. Sessions can be one-time or over the course of 4, 6 or 8 weeks.

Children of all ages love to connect with their bodies and find joy in the movements. They love taking the time to learn and understand how they work on the inside. Yoga is all inclusive and requires no athletic ability or coordination. In addition, children learn how to harness their own energy and emotions to create positive experiences in their world. They learn about the power they have within their own bodies.

All classes end with a short relaxation. In most cases this is one of the favorite poses for the children. We all need time to recharge!

I’ve been sharing my passion for yoga with children for 8 years. I feel so blessed to have these opportunities and would love to work with your child.

Why not give the gift of yoga to your child(ren) today?

I first contacted Anita after my son’s physiotherapist recommended yoga as part of his rehabilitation program. In September he was diagnosed with a mild but rare variation of cerebral palsy.

After our first conversation, I knew immediately that I had made the right choice in finding an instructor to help my son achieve the goals that are set before him. Anita was very thorough and she instantly knew what kind of program would be ideal for him and as a mother herself, she showed the compassion I was seeking.

We have been seeing Anita for private lessons on a weekly basis for the last eight months. We are both very excited about the strength my son has gained in that time. We have both witnessed his balance, flexibility and sturdiness develop where it was non-existant before we started yoga.  I attribute this positive progress, firstly, to Anita’s patience towards a one-of-a-kind spirited 5 year old boy in a wide open yoga studio, her knowledge of the body and mind and what it needs to become in sync, and her complete conviction in the practice that she teaches and lives by. These qualities that she so naturally and confidently displays will most definitely keep her at the top of our rehab team.

I am so grateful that we have such a wonderful person in our lives who genuinely wants to help my son become the best he can be!  Our gratitude towards Anita is simply endless!


RCYT yoga alliance certified

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