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healing sessions

Healing Sessions

These incredibly powerful sessions can be focused to work through whatever issue is holding you back from living your true potential.

Business Coaching

Business Coaching

Are you a small business owner who is struggling?  Click here to find out about how I can help.



Certified Organic Superfoods to ensure your body has the best chance to live a long full healthy life.

Healing and Coaching

Anita specializes in helping women who are ready to take charge of their lives find healing. Energy Healing or Intuitive Business Coaching can help.

Energy Healing can help shift baggage from past lives or previous encounters in this life that might be holding you back. It can also increase relaxation, allow physical healing to occur, and over all just allow you to see things in a clearer more concise light.

Business Coaching can help you feel supported in your day to day challenges. Running a small business means wearing many hats and sometimes it can feel overwhelming. Having an outside influence who understands your needs and can support and encourage you can make the difference between and abundant full-filed life and a feeling of being overworked and underpaid. Sometimes you just need someone outside of your day to day business running’s to help you find direction and inspiration to get things to where you want them to be.

Wherever you are, whatever your needs are, we work together to create a plan so that you are moving forward towards your goals.

My hope and desire is to help you awaken to live your boldest life in a way that works for you. Sometimes that means you have to break the rules a little bit. Not everything we have been taught is true.

Are you ready to step into your light?

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Want Super Health?

Super Foods are rich in certain nutrients and antioxidants that are very beneficial and necessary to our physical and mental well-being. In every age group and condition, super food can prevent many diseases that could carry lifelong consequences.

In North America, we often don’t find enough time to prepare the nutritious meals we know our families need and deserve. In a time crunch, we are grateful for the availability of fast food, junk food and food in cans and boxes which results in the loss of nutrition – especially nutrient rich super foods and the important benefits of the vitamins and minerals they provide. Over time, repeated processed meals and dismissal of the importance of nature’s nutrition will lead to a serious weakening of our immune system.

Super foods will counteract the action of poor food sources and carry out restorative functions. In this way these protect us from the constant onslaught of viruses, bacteria and fungi to which our bodies are subjected daily.

Find out details about the 10 day Vitality Challenge here – and see what 10 days of adding serious nutrition to your diet can do for you!

Decision Making – Trusting Yourself

Decision Making - Trusting Your Inner Knowing Sometimes making a decision can be challenging.  Many of us grew up in an environment that showed us if not explicitly, implicitly that each decision we make has to be the right one.  When we hold ourselves in...

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Half Day Yoga Hiking Retreat Grimsby

Join me for a half day yoga hiking retreat Grimsby,  Ontario. What:  Half Day Yoga Hiking Retreat Grimsby, Ontario with a lunch social to follow at Station One  When:  Tuesday July 25th, 9:30am Investment:  $50 CDN (lunch included) Level:  Strenuous Hike...

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