Pain Free Yoga

Are you ready to start taking charge of your life and body?  Have you had enough of hearing that you need to get used to the pain?

Have you had enough of the pain?  Are you ready to find some alternatives so you can get back to living your life?

Have you been thinking about yoga but thought that you needed to be a size zero pretzel type to do it?

pain free yoga heart
In a yoga therapy class we specialize in finding out where your body has found compensations which have in turn created limited range of motion, and pain. We work together to get the muscles that ought to be doing the job doing their job so that the muscles who have been holding up the load no longer have to. Once we sort this business out, the range of motion increases and the muscles that ought to be working have a chance to get stronger.

For many of us the pain has been there for so long we just take it for granted. It can be hard to imagine a life without pain. A life with a free range of motion. A life where your body is your friend rather than someone working against you. Taking the time to really understand that pain, sickness, tightness, and chronic fatigue are indicators that we are off track of our purpose. That healing can guide us back to that purpose.

What you can expect during a Yoga Therapy session

Once we have spent some time talking – either on the phone or via email – we’ve figured out who you are and what your hopes are around this work then we get to meet in person.

We will already have agreed on whether these sessions will take place at your home or at one of the spaces that I work out of.

We will then get started with small movements based on what I see occurring in your body. Watching where the compensations are taking place and ensuring that each move is done in the purest manner possible with mindfulness and intention. There is also a possibility that we will work on breath in addition to finding a state of surrender for the physical body.

You will leave each session having learned more about your body and how it is currently working. You will also have a short homework sequence that will keep you connected until we meet again.

Often another part of the puzzle within our body is nutrition. This is a piece that I take seriously. For the large majority of clients I recommend they try out the Vitality Challenge – It’s 10 days of certified organic superfoods. For first time clients I am happy to offer this pack at a discounted rate. I’d love to see what changes could occur for you in the course of 10 days.