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Private Yoga Hamilton

Over the years I’ve had the privilege of helping a whole variety of people who have taken the gigantic step towards improving their own health and wellness. I am always so honoured that people invite me into their lives at a time when they are generally rather vulnerable. It takes a ton of courage to take that first step and actually reach out to someone and ask them for help.

There are a whole variety of reasons why our health may have been put on the back burner. I know from personal experience – there have been times that life has gotten busy or I’ve been feeling down which stopped me from moving. When I finally felt ready to move again – I was scared. I was uncertain about what I should do or how even to get started. Somedays it actually just felt easier not to move.

I totally understand how hard it is to get motivated and stay the course. Which is why I believe private yoga can help you. Private Yoga classes by their very nature create accountability. We work together to figure out what health and wellness goals you would like to achieve. Maybe your goals include reducing your pain, maybe they include getting healthier, maybe you just know it’s time to start moving before everything becomes immobile, or maybe you’ve been caring for kids or aging parents for so long that’s it just time now for you. Perhaps you’ve already glimpsed into the future and realized that you don’t want to continue on the path that you are on.

What happens during a private yoga class is that you are the centre of attention. You are the focus – so if today is a day where you want to move you are feeling energetic then the class honours that. If you’ve been working double shifts all week or the kids have been sick and you are exhausted then we slow down and create a sacred space for your own healing. Whether you need breath work or the opportunity to slow down and feel your body – all of this can be yours to create a sense of well being in your life.

I’ve worked with private clients who love to sing so chanting is incorporated into their classes. I’ve worked with people who are searching for the more spiritual aspects and so that gets incorporated. I’ve worked with people who are recovering from illnesses as well as people who are newly diagnosed. In each case I work with what’s in front of me to ensure that you feel the way you need to at the end of each session.

Are you ready to take charge of your own health and wellness? Would you like to chat about how private yoga might be able to help you? Classes can be organized for once a week, twice a week or bi weekly if that works best for you. They can take place in your home or in my home.

Use the contact form below to send me an email and we can see if my style is a fit for you.

Private Yoga Hamilton

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