Raising the vibration of love

vibration of love

Yesterday was an incredible day.  The day that Trump was inaugurated and the day that Millions of Women got together across this earth and marched.  I didn’t make it to a March but I did work from my home to create more love on this planet in a conscious way.

It was amazing how much I could feel the rising tide of feminine energy.  The women who came together to raise the vibration of love on our planet, to heal, and to continue to show that we are here and we stand together in massive numbers and will not be held back. With our eyes wide open to all that is going on – we stand together and as much as hate and fear continues to try and tear us apart we refuse to let it.

When I arrived home in the afternoon I chose to smudge my house and fill it up with light and love.  I blew loving kindness into each nook and cranny.  At least once a quarter I can feel the need to do this and yesterday with the love frequency so high felt like the perfect day.  I spent some time working with ritual.  After smudging, I created a crystal grid for myself to help support the goals I have for the next little while.  I drew a card from one of my decks and one from the recent deck I made for myself.  I lay these out on the grid and powered up the intention.

I also spent some time listening to this amazing podcast by the incredible Vanessa Sage.  You can find the podcast and a whole host of other amazing women sharing inspiration here.  Vanessa’s is in the archives from Nov 30th.  I felt that running across this podcast  in my email seemed to be some kind of divine timing.  It seemed to fit right in with the vibration of love that was the theme of the day.  As well as so unusual for me – i barely ever listen to podcasts.  This particular chat was a deeply intimate conversation between Vanessa and Shannon where they discuss finding a sacred container to connect to the divine each and everyday.  They talked about finding the magic, the mystical, playing and really deeply being held by our Mother Earth.

All told I had a beautiful day filled with the vibration of love.  I am excited for the things to come this year since January already feels so different for me.  I feel like I am back in tune with the earth and my own inner knowing.  I can feel how things are shifting and expanding and it feels amazing.  My cup runneth over with love, and gratitude to be here during these amazing times on earth.

Did you participate yesterday?  Did you feel the energy?  Can you feel the increase in loving vibration?

I’d love to hear your thoughts.