Reiki Healing Hamilton

reiki healing hamilton

Reiki Healing Hamilton

It’s funny for a long time the thought of actually being a Reiki Practitioner never even crossed my mind.  My general disposition about medicine has always been that I would rather keep my body happy and healthy by doing preventative things rather than go to the Doctor when I am sick.  My hope and plan was always to keep my health in a good place by allowing my body space, time, opportunities for healing whether that be through massage, osteopathy, shaitsu, reflexology, supplements, or yoga.  Over the years all of these items have been a part of my health plan at some point.  During my 20’s I had a practitioner who came to my house once a month for shiatsu treatments.  I’ve used yoga (obviously) ongoing.  I’ve dabbled with massage but for me personally massage doesn’t seem to bring the longer lasting benefits I want.  Body work is super important and will always be a piece of my healthy lifestyle in addition over the last decade the energy medicine aspect has grown.

When we lived in Windsor I had a friend who practiced and would often go and see her to help balance out my energy when I was feeling a little wonky, out of whack, or stuck.  I found that after leaving the sessions I was always surrounded by a sense of peace.  I loved that deep healing and felt a inner knowing that the current issues i was feeling, or those I was carrying from past lives, were being addressed, so that the load I was carrying on a energetic level was getting lighter.

I’ve been working with Reiki for a few years now and each time I work with someone I continue to be amazed at the power of this universal energy.  When I combine the knowledge of the crystals the healing can be profound.  Of course, generally you need a few treatments and as with any healing maintenance is important.

Reiki can help with a whole host of issues, from emotional baggage and pain though to physical issues.

If you are interested in talking to me about a healing for yourself – I’d be honoured to connect.


Reiki Healing Hamilton

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