For the past few weeks I’ve been using my Reiki more than usual.  I trained a few years back as a Reiki Level 1 because the opportunity sort of fell into my lap.  It wasn’t something I had been super passionate about but when the opportunity presented itself I took it.  After that initial training, I often had people ask me in yoga classes why my hands felt so hot to them or what I was doing to create that strong energetic sensation they received when I put my hands above their eyes.  They always seemed rather surprised when I tell them that is the Universal Energy traveling through me to support them.

Fast forward a few years, and it came clear to me that it was time to further my reiki studies.  Having just moved back to Hamilton I didn’t have a good handle on who I should train with.  I knew a few Reiki Masters but none felt quite right.  After attending an event at one of the places I was teaching at I felt a big pull towards one of the attendees.  At the time I wasn’t sure what it was that drew me to her.  I ignored the pull until a few months later when she posted a special offer on facebook which I snapped up right away.  I attended a few healing sessions with her and knew then the reason our paths crossed.  I had a few things to learn from her.

Since that time I have completed my Reiki 2 certification.  It is such a special treat to be able to feel the energy flowing through me to whoever I am working on – knowing that the universe is helping them and guiding them back to their natural state of balance and wellness.

My Mother-in-law has been quite under the weather this past while and so any opportunity I get I am sending healing her way.  Last weekend we went for a visit and I spent 20 minutes giving her a treatment.  She is not someone who grew up believing in universal energy, in fact those words never crossed her ears until I came into the picture.  When I started her treatment last week I could feel her life force was weak – in fact it concerned me greatly.  So I allowed the channel to be open and asked for the Reiki guides to bring in exactly what she needed.  When I was finished we left and asked that her healing continue throughout the night.  The next day she was up and around the house doing laps and feeling fantastic.  In fact, she told me that she did 10 laps and still felt great whereas normally 1 or 2 laps would have her completely winded.

If you aren’t familiar with reiki it is the healing energy of the universe coming through whoever is the conduit of the healing.  It is done through clothing, and often without even touching the person directly.  It can be sent over distance or in person.  Often people experience imagery or specific messages come through in addition to the physical or emotional healing but not necessarily each time.

With Reiki as with the other work I do – I like to bring it to people’s homes.  I believe that we can all heal best in the comfort of our own spaces – relaxed, at ease, and open.

If you are interested in finding out more, or would like to book a session, I’d love to speak to you.

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