Sat Nam Summary

Over the past few weeks there have been a few classes that I have taught were I have incorporated this style of practice and included this very kriya.  A few folks asked me if they could have a video so here you go.

This link here is one of my all time favorite summaries on the Sat Kriya.  There is perfect physical instruction on how to do the kriya as well a brief bit of information on what the kriya does for you.

Here are a few additional benefits of this practice:

  • strengthens the entire sexual system
  • stimulates its natural flow of energy.
  • relaxes phobias about sexuality.
  • allows you to control the insistent sexual impulse by
  • re channelizing sexual energy to creative and healing activities in the body.
  • People who are severely maladjusted or who have mental problems benefit from this kriya since these disturbances are always connected with an imbalance in the energies of the lower three chakras.
  • General physical health is improved
  • all the internal organs receive a gentle rhythmic massage from this exercise.
  • The heart gets stronger from the rhythmic up-and-down of blood pressure you generate from the pumping motion of the navel point.
  • This exercise works directly on stimulating and channelizing the kundalini energy, so it must always be practiced with the mantra “Sat Nam.”

The Meaning of Sat Nam

In very simple terms, Sat means Truth and Nam means Name.  You could translate it as True Name or Truth is my name.   It is a way of acknowledging that at our essence is the Essence.  The “Truth”, which is bigger than any human truth, isn’t a matter of right or wrong or even a concept that we can clearly articulate.  It is simply an acknowledgement that the Great Mystery is who we are.

As a greeting, saying “Sat Nam” is a bit like saying “I see your true nature” or “I recognize the divinity within you”.

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