Self Love

self love

Self Love

What does that mean for you?  How does the practice of self love fit into your life?  Do you believe that it’s selfish to carve out time for yourself?  Are you a parent who is continually trying to give from an empty cup?  Or are you just a busy person who gets caught up in all there is to do and forgets to take time out for self love?

Regardless of where you are in your life or how you view self love – I invite you take a few moments and really get connected to the ideas and blocks that you have around the words and energy of self love.  Take a few minutes – perhaps with your favorite journal. Ask yourself these questions and try and stay with your breath in the stillness to see what answers come up.

  • What does self love mean to me?
  • How do I practice self love in my life?
  • Am I compassionate with myself in the same way I am with friends?
  • Do I treat my body the way I want others to treat it?
  • Do I honour my needs even when they aren’t the popular choice?
  • Do I respect my intuition?
  • Am I fueling my body with the things that I know make me feel good and satiated?
  • Am I treating my health and wellness as a priority?
  • What 3 things can I do (no excuses) to bring a little more self love into my life?

Some of these questions may resonate more than others and for each of us there will different triggers – take your time and work with what feels appropriate for you.  No answer is incorrect or correct they are all just helping you find more of your own self love.

For me one of the big ways I have chosen self love recently – is to love every article of clothing that I put on.  During the early years of being a parent I was so thankful not to be walking around naked – just getting out the door with something relatively clean was a huge success.  Now though I am taking the time to pick out the items that make me feel fantastic.  I find it makes such a difference in my day.

I also make it a huge priority to get the foods into my body that make me feel good.  This always involves some type of greens.  I know I run best when I have enough green inside.  I can really feel when it’s been a few days and I haven’t had enough green things in my diet.   My body and mood let me know.  🙂