Small Business Coaching

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to work with a small business coach?

Each session we do a check in to see where you are currently at and what your biggest issue is and then together we come up with solutions and homework for you to work with until we meet again.  I use skills from all the scenarios I’ve been in over the years as well as the intuitive gifts that come through spirit.

Running a small business can be really hard.  Some days you might end up wondering what on earth you were thinking.  It’s difficult to know which direction to go in, how to prioritize, and how to stay motivated.

Some days you just need to know someone is on your side so that even though it is your business it doesn’t feel quite so alone.

I’ve been running my own business for over 10 years.  I’ve done Multi-level marketing.  I’ve owned a bricks and mortar retail store. I’ve also done independent contract work for many years.  The intuitive way that I can connect to your business and see what is holding you back can create major shifts for you.

If you are ready to allow help into your life to support your business dreams – I’d love to schedule a free 15 minute consult to see if we might be a fit.

Check out what peeps who have worked with me have to say and then fill in the contact form below if you’d like to chat.

I just wanted to share with you my utter delight and excitement over working with Anita Kaiser. She has been a motivating factor in my business life that is helping me personally and professionally.

With her heartfelt love and ideas I have completed my first E-Book and am about to finish my first full E-Course.

No, it did not take months, but rather weeks. She is an amazing ray of sunshine that pushes me in just the way that I need to stay positive and focused.

What a blessing it has been to work with her directly. I cannot recommend her highly enough if you are looking for a biz coach. She will get you unstuck, and help you find your focus.

Mindy Uribe

Mystical Synergy

Working with Anita has been an opportunity to explore the self- created myths and boundaries that I have erected to limit myself. Anita was able to help me identify, work through and shift those barriers to my potential. Her ability to listen to what I was saying with my words and my non verbal communication and guide me to a place where I feel vulnerable but not alone in my journey has left me feeling unstuck, raw and excited. I started this exploration with trepidation and skepticism and left it feeling humbled and honored to have had the good fortune examine the benefits of working with a coach like Anita. She meets you where you are and works with you from a place of authenticity and integrity. I am looking forward to continuing to work with Anita and she encourages me to offer the best of my self to my clients so that we can all grow and evolve.

Suzanne Howell, RMT

I was drawn to contact Anita because I admire the type of work she does. I needed a business coach who could not only help me develop a business plan, but assist me with moving past my fears and traumas. Anita is a great listener, and she understands the whole picture. She inspired me to love myself unconditionally. And just as importantly, she reminded me to forgive myself, always. I believe that it is essential to refill your own cup so that you can pour into others. This is exactly what I plan to work on, moving forward.

Rose Lantaigne

Anita is a wonderful coach, an intuitive guide and a beautiful soul. In just a few sessions she cut right down to the source of deep rooted issues which were hidden from me. With her help I have since been able to gain a deeper awareness of my limiting beliefs. Through Anita’s kind, caring and humble guidance, I have been given the tools and inspiration to transcend my limitations and push myself to achieve the success that I deserve. I’m very grateful to have Anita in my corner, she’s an asset to me, my family and my business.

Ross Wert

Rosco HVAC Corp.


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My work with Anita was truly life changing! Prior to working with Anita, I had incredible difficulty balancing my heart space and my business which is geared towards alternative healing and the spiritual well-being of others. Until, my work with Anita, finding balance between Spirit & Business was always a catch 22 for me. While, I could recognize that the services I was providing had tremendous value to my clients and students, I personally continued to hold quite negative and unbalanced views towards money, especially since I personally gain great satisfaction and value in seeing clients or students improve their lives and health. With that said, these unhealthy views of money and exchange (ie; money seeds the evil in the world etc) lead me down a road that continuously saw me getting taken advantage of by others and barely scratching at the abundance that was waiting for me.  Anita guided me in re-structuring and re-launching my Business balanced with my Heart Space. And on a personal level, she helped me finally heal my blockages with money, abundance and self-worth. I really cannot fit into words the impact this has had on a personal or business level for me, but my life has taken a 180 since, my business has grown, I’m attracting new clients, and I’m finally beginning to reap the abundance I have worked hard for while honouring my self-worth and spiritual views.

Anita’s coaching style and vast expertise, enables her to provide a wide array of modalities to her clients, which really braided perfectly for me in our sessions together.  My time with her was truly remarkable and life-changing. Anita is a fantastic Teacher, Reiki Practitioner, Guide, Mentor & Coach, I highly highly recommend her to anyone looking to find balance in any realm of their life, whether it be physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually. Anita’s insight and guidance is truly priceless!

Amber Colbear

The Art of Healing

I first met Anita at a network group. I immediately felt a positive attraction, and I had to go say hello! The energy around Anita is so uplifting and welcoming. She always offers advice and guidance and a warm smile. We have had many great social conversations and I truly feel grateful to have taken the step to go over and say hello that first day!
Anita offered me some personal coaching, and I jumped at it! We have spent some time chatting and Anita has pulled some things from me that have been blocking my happiness, blocking my success in my business and in my life. She guided me to look inward to what the cause might be and pulled emotions from places I didn’t realize were still affecting my life. When tied into my blockage in my present, it really started to make sense on why things were happening the way they were. She was kind and caring, and most of all non judging. I felt totally safe to share these feelings and emotions with her.
Anita has brought awareness into my world and offered some solutions to help bring more clarity to me, and how I might lift my spirit into a more positive energy vibration. She has taught me to slow down and recognize when I am uplifted or left feeling emotionally drained and to associate those emotions to a more positive outcome!
I would highly recommend Anita to anyone looking for more clarity, peace, and insight in their professional and personal life!

Marlana Laffita

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As a coach, I’ve been needing someone to help me find the clearest path for my business, but at the same time, I’ve been aware of some of the deeper blocks that withhold me from taking my business where I want it to go. I’ve felt like I’ve needed a business mentor and a healer to take me to a new level. How wonderful there’s someone like Anita, who can combined the two worlds. Anyone who runs a spiritual, heart centered business will appreciate how energy and mindset plays a vital role in success, and with Anita’s talent, knowledge in EFT and energy work as well as background in successful businesses, she really is a perfect combination. In our session together, she quickly helped me identify some things that formed my beliefs about myself and about my business, and with some simple techniques, she helped break them down and let them go. I felt so much lighter after our time together and I look forward to meeting again in the future.

Christina Fletcher

Spiritually Aware Parenting