supercharged Reiki

Supercharged Reiki

Reiki is becoming a larger piece of my practice these days and so I wanted to share a little bit about how my Reiki might differ from some folks.  I’ve been getting some pretty serious responses to the treatments I am doing and surprising even to myself – many of the treatments have felt intensely physical to people.  I’ve had clients who have come in complaining of aches and pains in their bodies who leave after telling me that they could actually feel the bones and muscles being manipulated throughout the treatment.  I am so grateful to be able to share this healing…..I love feeling the energy flow through me to bring whatever the person on the table needs to leave feeling lighter, healthier, more energetic and most of all more in the flow.  (Isn’t that really what we all want – to be feeling like we are moving in the right direction, the one that moves easily?)

I wanted to share with you how I am supercharging the reiki table for you.  I remember when my daughter was younger and she would pick up rocks everywhere we went.  I always asked her to leave them again because those rocks didn’t want to be separated from their family.  It felt so silly each time I said it – but in my heart it felt right.  All things in nature do have an energy, a force within them, and crystals carry some extra special energy.  I’ve been collecting crystals for a long time.  I’ve been studying the healing benefits for a few years now and I find them to be super valuable when I practice Reiki.

To start with we have a conversation about what you would like help with in regards to the Reiki.  Whether that is a physical issue, or an emotional block, or just an over all recentering, clearing – we go from there.  Knowing what your main issue is helps me choose the crystals that will be best suited to this particular issue.  Once I’ve chosen the appropriate crystals for you, I charge them up with Reiki. I then create a grid that feels right underneath the table.  By having the grid underneath the table you can completely relax without feeling like you might loose a crystal or two if you shift a certain way.  From there – I get you onto the table and let that energy flow……through my hands, from the universe, with the all the loving energy I can muster up.

When it’s time for you to leave the table – you’ve been treated not only with the energy that I am carrying and channeling, but also with the energy that was supercharged into those crystals, in addition to the healing benefits that crystals have just because they are crystals.  Of course once the grid is dismantled, each crystal is cleansed to ensure that whatever was pulled from you goes back to the earth rather than onto the next person on the table.

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