Trauma Release Exercises

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Trauma Release Exercises Introduction Video Transcript

Today I thought I would talk to you briefly about Trauma Releasing Exercises.  This is one of the modalities I work with in my private practice as well as in my Yoga for Anxiety Workshops series.  Trauma Release Exercises or short form T.R.E.  is a deep relaxation that happens in the body through these tremors that we create.  The idea is that we use these small movements to create duress in the body, so that the muscles are taxed to their capacity and from their we create these tremors.

With these tremors, comes this deep release of the tissues in the body.  It’s called Trauma Release Exercises so of course if you had a car accident, or some kind of traumatic issue that has occurred in your life, this gets stored in our body tissue.  These exercises help to release this stress from our bodies.  If you have had a traumatic experience, this is really beneficial to do on a regular basis to help the body realign.

It’s also really beneficial if you have a stressful job, or carry a lot of anxiety within you since the more we teach our body to relax, the better and healthier we are able to accomplish whatever we need in life.

So there you have it, a short, sweet summary on Trauma Release Exercises.  As always if you have any questions please share below.