Last week we spent some time out in BC and in Washington State.

My brother was getting married in Seattle and it seemed this was the perfect occasion to spend a little bit of time on the West Coast.

We stayed the first few nights in Britannia Beach, BC.  The closest town is Squamish and the mountains are spectacular as well as being so close to the Ocean.

Seeing as we have made the decision to spend the upcoming year travelling throughout the US and Canada – I thought this was an opportunity to see if hiking each day was going to work for us.

We started with a nice easy walk through Stanley Park.  The proximity ot the ocean was perfect for us and the level (super easy) was a great starting point after having gotten up super early to fly out that morning.  We did about 4 km around the seawall and then moved into the forested paths within for another few km.

west coast travels

The next day we started with a more serious hike.  In retrospect this might have been better to do on the 3rd day – but coming from Ontario where the highest mountain is the escarpment I really didn’t have an understanding for how high the top would be.  We decided we would do the first peak and off we set.

By the time we got to what we thought was the top – it felt amazing.  We took things at our pace and since we had set out first thing in the morning the temperature was perfect.  Lots of people passed us going both directions.  One woman who was doing this along with her baby strapped in.  When she passed us again on the way down I asked her how far she had gone – and it was only then that I realized that we hadn’t gone all the way to the top.

west coast travels

That same day much later in the day we did a small loop of the Squamish Marine Trail in the Howe Sound Bay.

The next day we did a bunch of smaller loops at Brohm Lake and then we moved down to Alice Lake Provincial Park.

At this point in our travels we moved onto Langley and so did some easier trails along the Fraser River.  This was a nice change of pace to some of the more rigorous forest hiking and the blackberry snacking along all of these trails was perfect.

Now it was time to head to the wedding.  We stayed in Kirkland, WA and did a small walk there through their rail trail.  Again level terrain and cityscapes a change of pace from where we had been.

west coast travels

The next two days we spent with family at the wedding.  The location was so picturesque on beautiful Lake Washington .

The weather was incredible and the wedding took place outside.  Watching the sunset and being with family celebrating, I felt so very blessed to be able to do this.

The last hike that we did before heading back to Ontario was in Washington State.  We thought we would check out Deception State Park.

We did a fabulous loop there through an incredible forest.  We saw a deer and watched him as he munched on some freshly cut greenery that must have been in the way.  After the loop around Goose Rock we did a few extra km down the beach.

All told these west coast travels included about 50 km of walking/hiking.  Doing this made it so clear to me why now is the right time for our RV travels to start.  My entire family needs this exercise, this grounding, this time to connect into nature and really quite down the bustle of city noise.  We all want to connect to the forest and the oceans.  To know this land intimately since it is the only planet we have.  We need to step away from our screens more regularly and hear the wind in the trees, the birds as they chirp, the insects, the water.

We need this to step forward into the fullest version of ourselves – healthier, more creative, more connected to one another, more confident in the skills of our physical bodies, more presence.  To build endurance, strength, and resilience because in life sometimes it gets way harder than the actual mountain in front of us.

I can’t wait to begin and am excited to be sharing our journey with you.