Why do we say Namaste?

why do we say namaste?

Why do my yoga classes end with saying Namaste?

It’s funny – in all the years I’ve been teaching only recently has it dawned on me that perhaps I haven’t given enough explanation or information about why I close each practice the way I do in my classes.  It’s such an important piece of the practice for me and I wanted to share the reasoning behind it with you.

The word Namaste is a sanskrit word that can be translated as I bow to you.  The Yoga Journal wrote a piece here that you can check out.   For me each time I say it to my class, I say it with the intention of honouring the divine light that you have brought to your mat.   I say it to thank you for the work you have done in being present.  I say it to thank my past teachers for the knowledge they have given me.  I say it to thank the lineage of all yoga teachers before me and for all those who come after me.  I say it to send love and light out into the world.

I start with my hands in prayer at my heart centre.  Connecting to the love within me.  I then bring my hands up to my 6th chakra the space between my eyes which is the centre of intuition.  I want my heart and intuitive knowledge to be connected as I go out into the world.  I raise my hands to the sky to encompass those who are in front of me.  I then bow down to seal my practice or my teaching. To allow the body to contain all of the wisdom and inspiration, good vibes and energy that I just added it.

What are your thoughts around the word Namaste?  Do you enjoy using it?  Or by that time in your practice have you already moved into the next thing on your to do list?  I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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