In keeping with the Worlds Schooling theme I thought I would share with you a few more of the super cool people I met.  Lots of them have blogs and inspiration that can help you on your journey regardless of what stage you are at.

While at the conference we received a little goody bag which had a bracelet in it with a USB plug in.  This USB was filled with the first 20 or so podcasts from Nomad Together.  Paul was one of the first presenters at the conference.  He talked about business and how to gave us lots of tips and tools on how to run a location independent business.  His presentation was engaging and inspiring and it got me thinking.

During our time we rented a vehicle and since all the stations were in Spanish and my Spanish is still sorely lacking we figured we’d pop the USB in and see what we thought.  We listened to about half the world schooling podcast on the USB and thoroughly enjoyed them all.  They start really slowly talking about preparing for travelling, what to pack, what to store and offer lots of tips and tricks for how to make these decisions.

world schooling podcast

As we begin our planning and navigating into this world of travel this world schooling podcast is one that I will be listening to each week.  So much to think about, so much to let go of…..

Where ever you are on your journey I imagine that you too will enjoy this podcast from the Kortmans!  Whether it gets your juices flowing on how to start the process or just inspires your days to dream!

This past week they started a new series on making location independent income.  I found this to be super interesting and love how flexible Paul’s thinking is as well as how it opens up my mind to the world of possibilities out there.