World schooling – what on earth is it?

World Schooling – what is it?

We recently returned from an amazing conference in Merida, Mexico.  #projectworldschool2017 This conference subject was introduced to me by a friend of mine about a year back when she discovered this TED talk.

When I signed up to attend this conference I had no idea what I was getting into.  I had hopes of finding some inspiration, making some connections, and friends for my daughter.  I had expectations of this being somewhat similar of prior vacations I’ve been on just with some educational components thrown in.  I had no idea that my entire worldview would be changed, that my heart would be cracked open (even wider), that I would meet such incredible people, that I would connect on such a deep level.


Even though there were many of us at the conference who are not travelling full time(world schooling) with our kids just yet – the idea that this might be possible – that this might be what’s right for our children and for ourselves ran consistently through each person. Each day I came home feeling more inspired and eager to search out new ways to make life work for us.  To awaken that sense of creativity and “yes” mentality.  The sense of community and openness was incredible.



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I have always been someone who questions the norms.  The older I’ve gotten the more I have learned to tune in to my own compass and ask for direction rather than assume that what the news, or the tv, or the magazines are telling me I should do is the right thing for me.  Certainly with parenting I knew right from the beginning that my style was going to be more alternative, more crunchy, more natural and way less mainstream.  Not to say that things were always easy or always perfect.  Certainly not to say that I have it all figured out.  I also don’t know if this will be right for you and your family or not.  I just know that these ideas and lifestyle concepts resound in a serious yes within my body when I take a moment to really feel in.


In case you feel like this might be something you would like to explore a little bit more I invite you to check out Laine’s blog (the organizer of Project World School).  Although she hasn’t been writing recently there are plenty of years of inspiration on this page and having met her son Miro who turned 18 this past week – talking to him and seeing what an amazing young man he has tuned into – I will certainly be spending more time delving into this blog myself.