Yoga and Grieving

Yoga and Grieving

yoga and grieving

Life can be tough and on those days when you’ve been dealt a blow do you still make it to your mat?  If you and I are friends on facebook you may have seen my live post here (and if we are not friends – why the heck not?).  It’s been a rough couple of weeks at our house and as much as there have been many moments when I just wanted to curl up and wrap myself in blankets to sleep away this sadness I know that’s not the best thing for me.

My mother-in-law passed last week and even though we knew it was coming, and she chose the time, it has been far harder than I anticipated.

For whatever reason I have been extremely blessed in my life to not really have death be a major factor.  At 45 I can count on one hand the number of funerals I’ve gone too.  I believe that all of us here on this planet came from light and when we vacate this vessel (our physical bodies) we head back to the light.  So knowing that I fully understand and can feel that my MIL is no longer suffering, no longer burdened by the heaviness of a failing vessel I was so surprised by how intense the emotions have been for me this week.  My grief has been far more intense than I expected.

So in times of grieving or hardship our instinct as humans tends to be one of hiding.  Pulling the covers up high and ducking down until it passes (which can take far longer than we think it should)  but since I know better I decided to take my grief to my mat.  Each day this week as I felt the waves of sadness and tears I went to my mat and practiced.  I trust that allowing the pain and sadness to come through my body – and be released from the physical is the very best way to heal.  Somedays the practice involved rolling out my mat and just lying there crying.  And that’s okay.  Each time I’ve practiced on this mat all the good energy and intention has seeped into the mat and now in my time of need the mat is holding space for me.  Each day I feel a little bit stronger a little bit more myself, a little bit less filled with sadness.

As you come through to moments of grief in your life and feel that desire to hide, to crawl away, I invite you to come to your mat and work through the grief in a more physical way.  Our body stores so much and if we don’t allow our pain and suffering to be released it gets pushed down.  If you think yoga and grieving don’t go together I want to tell you how wrong you are.

I’m curious if you’ve had any experiences in this regard?  How have you dealt with grief?  Has yoga helped you through your grief?