Yoga Anxiety Video

Yoga Anxiety Video

Most often I try and offer a script of the video so that incase you would rather read the information, you have that option.  In this case, since this video is a yoga class, I will not be doing that.

This video was designed specifically for beginners.  If you have a practice already you might find this video too slow or with too many pauses for instruction.  Maybe you live in an area that doesn’t have a studio, or maybe the studio closest to you is filled with young people who are all working on joining the cover of Yoga Journal magazine.  This video is designed for the average person who has an average range of mobility and flexibility.  You won’t find any Yoga Journal moves here.  I created this video because I really want yoga to be accessible and helpful for those who are struggling with their anxiety and haven’t yet been able to win the battle enough to make it out to their first yoga class.  My hope is that this video will help you gain a little bit more confidence and perhaps connect in to your body and find a little bit of release.

If you are watching this and think that you might be interested in taking a private class or two to help you get more comfortable to make it to a studio – I’d love to chat and see if we are a fit.

Please let me know if you have any questions.