Last weekend I spent four glorious days at the Toronto Yoga Conference.  Throughout my life I have always had a love for learning. I read voraciously and am always spending time doing research.  I love the idea of having multiple tools and resources to call on since each one of us is unique and even though our issues may be similar, the way we work through them, the way we relate to things, and the way we heal will be different depending on our life experiences.

yoga conference

I booked my sessions for the Yoga Conference in January as soon as the schedule came out.  I picked the ones that interested me but also the places where I felt like I need extra learning or where there was a gap in my knowledge.  As the weekend got closer and closer, I began to get a niggly feeling about the classes I had chosen – that perhaps they weren’t quite the right ones to carry me forward or to connect me with the people I really wanted to serve.

On Thursday and Friday I had full day sessions booked and I knew that those choices were the right ones and so I carried on with them.  Both fit with the learning I was looking for and gave me much inspiration for where I would like to move my teaching towards.  On Saturday morning, I made the decision to switch the 2 remaining days I had booked to allow for a little more of what felt exciting.  I ended up taking 6 two hour workshops in place of what I had booked and I am so grateful that I made that decision.

yoga conference 2

The main theme of my time at the yoga conference was connecting into our goddess selves as women.  For me these issues have come up as 2nd and 3rd chakra blockages. So I spent time opening up to the energy of the universe, connecting into those chakras and allowing space for sensuality, creativity, freedom of flow, and relinquishing control.

We live in such a patriarchal society where reason, logic and scientific solutions have reigned. Over the past few years I have been feeling this calling, even longing to move toward a more feminine way of being with less thinking and more feeling.  I hope to bring my experiences at the Yoga Conference with me to class and help inspire you to find a more feminine way, a softer path, one that may not be crystal clear to begin with but one that gets clearer with each step and helps you find your true authentic self.