Yoga for Sleep Transcript

Hi there – thanks for joining me.  I’m Anita Kaiser of Anita Kaiser Yoga and Wellness.  Welcome to my Yoga for Sleep video.  This video is a short sequence to help you get ready for bed.  My assumption in making this video is that you currently have a yoga practice and can hold down dog for a few breaths.  When you are ready – come into down dog.    Feet are hip width apart palms are under the shoulders.  Down dog is an A-frame position.

From Down dog – inhale heels up, exhale heels down, inhale up, exhale down,

inhale to table, exhaling into child’s pose, inhale back to table, exhale down dog, inhale back to table, exhale to child’s pose, inhale back to table

exhale down dog, heels reaching for the ground, inhale table, exhale back to child’s pose, inhale to cow pose, exhale cat, inhale cow letting the belly drop towards the floor, exhale cat, belly tucks into the spine, inhale cow, exhale cat, coming back to neutral spine

gaze to the left buttock, inhale centre, exhale gazing over the right buttocks, inhale centre, exhale left, inhale centre, exhale right

coming to a seated position, legs crossed, beginning neck rolls, inhaling across the front, exhaling across, the back, inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale across the back, switching sides, inhaling right to left, exhaling across the back, inhale front, exhale back, and one more, inhaling across the front, exhaling across the back, coming to a neutral spine

bringing your hands out to your sides, inhale left arm up high overhead, exhale it down, inhale the right arm up over your head, exhale down, inhale left arm once again reaching to the right exhale it down, inhale right arm exhale down, both hands down by your side

inhale arms up overhead exhale hands through heart centre, inhale arms up over head again, exhale hands through heart centre, and one more, inhaling arms up, exhaling Anjali Mudra hands at heart centre

creeping your hands forward, doing a cross legged forward fold breathing deeply, inhaling and exhaling, slowly coming up again

bringing the right hand to the left knee, left hand behind you, inhale heart shining, exhale twisting to the left, breathing deeply, softening the face, and releasing back forward, switching sides, left hand to the right knee, right hand behind, inhale and exhale twisting to the right, nice big inhales and exhales, releasing forward

bringing the feet together for butterfly or bound angle, inhaling heart shining, exhaling hinging at the hips, coming forward, bringing your chin past your toes, as much as your body is able to do this, softening the jaw, softening the shoulders

inhaling up, moving onto reverse tabletop position, fingers pointing toward your toes, feet hip width apart, pushing into the ground, inhaling hips up, dropping your head back if it feels right to you, breathing deeply, pushing into your hands, pushing into the feet, one more big inhale, and exhale down

pausing for a breath at the bottom

When you are ready inhaling back up again, taking three big beautiful deep breaths, filling the lungs up, and exhaling completely, releasing down to the ground

Bringing your legs straight, inhaling arms up to the sky, exhaling hinging forward, nice forward fold from a seated position breathing deeply, and inhaling the arms up, releasing them down beside you

Coming into legs up the wall, bringing your hips right up against the wall, sliding the legs up, getting yourself comfortable right up against the wall, and surrendering into a maximum of 10 minutes with legs up the wall

Thank you so much for joining me on this journey I wish you the very best night’s sleep.


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